Surviving the Sun in Accra

My Adventures Living & Working Abroad in Ghana

Top 10 Items I Can Buy Out of a Car Window… That YOU Can’t!

  1. 500ml bag of Filtered Water (5 cents);
  2. Hedge Clippers;
  3. Dog Muzzle, Chain Leashes and the Occasional 6 Week Old Puppy;
  4. 12 pack of Toilette Paper;
  5. Pay-As-You-Go Phone Cards;
  6. Dried Plantain, Sugar Cane, Fruit, Baked Goods, Gum, Mentos, Candy & Chocolate;
  7. Inflatable Beach Toys;
  8. Foam Puzzle of Human Organs;
  9. Plastic Bird Figurine;
  10. Canes.

*Note: during my daily commute to and from work via tro-tro, there is a constant stream of people working in the informal sector who stand in the middle of freeways and heavy traffic to sell these items at ridiculously cheap prices while dodging oncoming traffic. This definitely takes squeegee kids to a whole new level… and squeegee kids themselves also still exist here as well.



  mom wrote @

unbelieveable………….wonder if you could do more of your grocery shopping………….would save time and effort!

  Brittany wrote @

Could you pick me up some hedge clippers? My parents broke theirs and their anniversary is coming up, they would really appreciate a new pair…lol.

Looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy decorating your pad!

The item that I do not see on the list and is apparently detrimental to your lively hood is suncreen with an spf of 40 +. So good planning on your behalf to empty out every drug store in Canada before you left.

The pictures are great. Some of them are near National Geographic quality.

  Kaitlin & Erin wrote @

hey kelsey,

start working on that tan more… LOL – kaitlin

Don’t burn!… too bad… – erin

we thought that we would make a list too of the top 10 things that we can buy here that you CAN’T buy in Africa…LOL… (your dad had nothing to do with this)

1. your dad’s cooking… mmm… potatoes (again, he had nothing to do with this)

2. sunscreen

3. erin says you can’t buy her…

4. bottled clean water- then again, 5 cents is pretty darn good

5. shampoo… glad to hear you’re trying out the ‘natural’ look… LOL

6. deoderant… again, trying out the ‘natural’ look

7. slurpies from 7-Eleven

8. 24 pack of toilet paper – erin

9. greasy and salty french fries at the mall

10. Starbucks flappacinos

… oh… and the power here works more than 5 days a week…LOL – kaitlin

looking forward to seeing your new tan!- Erin

have fun and can’t wait to see you soon,

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