Surviving the Sun in Accra

My Adventures Living & Working Abroad in Ghana

Weekend Hike in a Semi-Deciduous Tropical Rain Forest

This past weekend was a breath of fresh air (literally) for us here in Ghana. Saturday Collin and I met up with our friend Emma (who we went to Togo & Benin with last weekend) and we caught a tro-tro heading NE. By noon we met up with Theresa in Hohoe, where she had been stationed all week doing workshops with FIDA. After a very generous ride from the FIDA driver, we arrived at the hamlet of Wli (pronounced ‘vlee’). After checking into local accommodations (<$4/each!), we headed out on our first hike of the weekend.


The hike was unfortunately a lot less strenuous than we had all hoped for, but turned out to be beautiful none the less. The trail led through stunning foliage and a plethora of colourful butterflies set in a mountainous background. The main draw to this specific hike was the end destination, an absolutely gorgeous waterfall named Agamatsu Falls (or Wli Falls). We all enjoyed the scenery on the hike up, but the waterfalls absolutely took my breath away. Unfortunately I don’t know the specifics on the fall such as height, water source etc, but I did take some pictures (which really does not do it justice).


Our second day we travelled south to a lodge located near the hamlet of Fumé. Again, after checking into new accommodations, we headed out on another hike. This one was considerably more difficult than the last and actually had ropes in areas where you needed to scale the rock walls. It was well worth it though in the end when we arrived at a second waterfall that was very secluded.  We all took the chance to go for a dip and the water was extremely refreshing in the heat of the day.


Unfortunately for us we didn’t have more time and had to head back to work the next morning, but our time in Volta was definitely revitalising. It was great to have a few days to get some exercise and get out of the ciaos that surrounds our lives living in Accra. Hopefully if all goes as planned, we will be heading north again this weekend to Kumasi to visit some cocoa farms. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!





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