Surviving the Sun in Accra

My Adventures Living & Working Abroad in Ghana

The Meeting of the Kelsey’s

I have decided that yesterday was without a doubt my favourite day so far. My day started off quite normal; woke up at the crack of dawn in an astonishingly bright room, surrounded by excessive amounts of noise including a few roosters I felt like strangling. What made this morning so much different from all the rest however was that it was fairly overcast outside and the temperature was quite a bit cooler. This alone can make any day in Ghana glorious in my books. I didn’t even wear sunscreen, so it was practically heaven on earth as far as I was concerned.

By the afternoon, we decided we needed a few more things for our house, so we hitched a taxi and went to the new Accra Mall. After grabbing some pizza, we headed home to quickly drop off our groceries and went straight to Legon University (aka University of Ghana) where we were meeting up with a friend.

**Back story: before I had travelled to Ghana, I was doing research and stumbled across a blog by another Kelsey (aka ‘American Kelsey’) who was studying abroad in Ghana. After sending her an email, we soon became good friends and she offered to meet up with me when I arrived.

Since she is leaving Ghana tonight, we decided yesterday was the best opportunity for us to meet, so Collin and Theresa and I went with her to a great local Ghanaian restaurant which her housemate’s frequented, and one of her professors owns. The restaurant had really great food, including Banku (fermented corn paste in a meat or fish soup broth) and kelewele (fried plantains with pepper and ginger). The highlight of this restaurant though was the live music. There is a decently large Rasta following in Ghana, and the live band was amazing. They played a mix of local Ghanaian music along with a few American classics like ‘Red, Red Wine’ by Neil Diamond. *One a side note: Bob Marley’s wife lives in Ghana now.*

After finishing our meals and dancing with a group of Kelsey’s fellow students, we were heading out the door when the lead singer in the band stopped us. He wanted to know if we enjoyed the music and would be back again the following Saturday. I replied that we would with one stipulation… that he promises to play some Bryan Adams (like father, like daughter). It took him about two seconds before he started belting out “Everything I do…. I do it for youuuu” haha. Apparently Bryan Adams is undoubtedly everyone now. Which reminds me: on our plane, each seat had individual tv’s and on more than one occasion, people around us watched the Celine Dion Las Vegas concert at full blast. People just can’t get enough Canadians I guess 🙂

We spent the rest of the evening at Kelsey’s house with her housemates and a few of their Ghanaian friends. It was great to meet so many other students who were living in Accra and others who now live here permanently. It was an amazing opportunity to meet up with Kelsey, and the 12 pages of notes she wrote out for us about Ghana are sure to be invaluable. Because all of her housemates are leaving today, they left us with a book on the Twi language, so Collin has already been practicing a ton. All in all, it turned out to be a most excellent day and I’m anticipating Bryan Adams Reggae style next Saturday night!


P.S. I now have a cell phone and can receive long-distance calls for free. To call out of Canada, the number is: 011-233-24-895-6351.


  Amanda wrote @

Haha…two Kelsey’s from the same continent in Ghana at the same time. Sounds like fun. I would love to hear Bryan Adams reggae style, that would be a blast. Glad to hear is was such a great sunscreen-free day!

  shelleymcd wrote @

what a great day………….beware the no sunscreen, you can still burn on cloudy days!
Good to know that Bryan Adams is eerywhere, dad’s fav is still our trip to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico……listening to a Jamaican Rasta band play his music………sounds like u’r getting the same fun………..totally awesome to have met Kelsey and some suggestions on living there………gotta luv this world!

  Brittany wrote @

I have just one question…well it is a two part question.

a) Are you the whitest person in Ghana?
b) Do you have a tan yet?

That is all!

All joking aside, I enjoy reading your posts. The commentary is great. I too enjoy Bryan Adams and wish I could enjoy in the festivities of cross cultural facination with Canadians. I look forward to your next entry.

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