Surviving the Sun in Accra

My Adventures Living & Working Abroad in Ghana

“A Journey to the South will bring you Unexpected Happiness” – fortune cookie

So after 3 flights, two beers in Frankfurt, a German danish and 27 hours of travelling, we finally arrived in one piece. It’s always expected that landing in Africa means one thing… hot hot weather and a lot of it. What I didn’t know however, was that walking off of the plane onto the tarmac, was about to feel like walking through a very warm damp cloud. The first step was the strangest: the back half of me was still freezing from the strong air conditioned 10 degree plane, while my first half was already dripping sweat, which seemed to be more from the 98% humidity than my pores. As the last to leave the plane, we jumped a quick shuttle bus to the terminal, and proceeded through customs. One stamp in my passport later, we were met by an entourage who escorted us to our transportation home.

Ohhh home… hmm… where to begin. Well I guess I should begin by discussing our unplanned additional houseguest. Her name is Charlotte, and she is a 4 inch diameter spider who resides in our washroom. After deliberation with Theresa and Collin, we decided to let her be (more so because Theresa and I didn’t want to touch her, and Collin has a parculiar soft spot for spiders somewhere in his heart). We tried to just take her outside but she was too quick so I guess we’ll just get used to her. The only problem though is that today I found another friend of hers… so we’re debating how many additional house guests we should plan on.

At any rate, our time here so far has been great. We have eaten a lot of Ghanaian food, and as promised, Collin has taken every opportunity to eat anything and everything. We already have begun seeing the city and wandered all around the university of Ghana’s campus. It was extremely beautiful there, and I promise to post pictures sometime soon. We also went to the World Bank and the Ghana High Commission for Canada which was neat. We found out that they host a big Canada celebration there, so I think we’ll be heading to that in a few weeks.

I’m rapidly running out of minutes here at the internet cafe though, so I should head out. I hope that all is well back home, and I will post another blog much sooner (I promise). Hopefully I will have a few pictures as well.


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  Amanda wrote @

Mmmm…4-inch spiders. Sounds like fun, the type of fun that very much deserves the name Charlotte. Tell us more about the food. You know me and food. Glad to hear all is well.

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