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My Adventures Living & Working Abroad in Ghana

Getting Lost, Living with a Celebrity & Eating!

Well the past few days have been an adventure. Yesterday we took a form of public transportation to Medina Market and got lost on the way home. We decided to catch a ride there on a tro-tro (essentially a huge van which crams as many people in as possible). At the market all was fine, but getting back was hard to do when none of the streets have addresses and our house didn’t have a house number. Eventually we stumbled across a construction site and the foreman happened to be the director of the mission school located beside our house. He knew Vincent (who we are staying with) and offered to drive us home. In the end, it was a great and hilarious day which left us with a few memorable moments.

My top three Collin highlights from yesterday are as followed:

1. Ten elementary school kids screeming and pointing at Collin and repeating “China, China, China”
2. While walking past a fish vendor in Medina Market, a women asks Collin to buy some fish from her. He replies that he doesn’t know how to cook it so he can’t, and her response is: “Take me home and I’ll cook it for you”… followed by uncontrolled laughter from fifteen people around us (including Theresa and I haha).
3. Again in the Medina Market, a man stares at Collin and repeats “Ni Hao” over and over again making popeye flexing movements with his arms.

What I have learned from this is that even if your 3rd generation Canadian and have never stepped foot on China, you are still required to speak and act as though that is where you’re from. Needless to say, Theresa and I constantly feel we are living with the world’s largest celebrity… or at least in Ghana 🙂

As for a request from Amanda, Here is the low down on Ghanaian food as we know it thus far. There are tons of selection with regards to food options, but typical to my nature, I have only really tried the chicken so far. There are quite a few really great dishes such as Jallot (see picture in the Page section of this blog). Essentially, jallot is a very spicy rice, which is quite good. Ghanaians, unlike other nationalities in Western Africa often tend to use quite a bit of spices which makes most of their food hot. Thanks to my dad’s salsa, this is great for me and each vendor will prepare the same dish in different ways, with varying degrees of heat.

Another dish which is quite interesting in fufu. This dish is typically made with a batter of starchy cassave (similar to a yam or potato) and other dry ingredients which is then served in a spicy broth soup. Ghanaian’s eat with their hands, so this is a bit of a challenging meal, however they offer it with many different meat varieties, including ‘bush meat’ (which translates to be large bush rodent)… yummm… delicious. If Collin ever tries it, i’ll keep you posted on how it tastes. We have tried a variety of other items but I will let you know more about that in the future, and promise to take more pictures.

Well my time on the internet is nearly over, so thanks again for reading, and make sure to check out the pictures I posted in the ‘Pages’ section (located at the bottom of the 3rd column).




  May-Lin wrote @

Sounds hillarious!! Wish I was there to see it. I’m sure Collin loves the attention 😉 haha

  Amanda wrote @

I suppose that being a person of Chinese descent in Ghana would be a bit of a novelty. You and your red hair must also be a big hit. I can’t believe that you have a Mango tree in your yard. A MANGO TREE!!!! xox

P.S. – super delayed reaction but I think I remember meeting Colin at some point when I was down. He is definitely a character.

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