Surviving the Sun in Accra

My Adventures Living & Working Abroad in Ghana

A Toast to the Begining

So tonight it finally hit, the realization that I am about to leave my consumer driven lifestyle behind, to embark on what I can only see as life-alternating experience. The next three months I will be living in, and absorbing, everything that Ghana, and West Africa for that matter, has to offer. The adventures and unimaginable experiences that will follow me there have the ability to change everything that I thought I once knew and may ultimately decide where my heart and passion in life truly resides.


For what I know now, I will be based out of Accra, researching governance in the country of Ghana and will lead a relatively similar lifestyle to what I have here… primarily the 8-4 weekdays and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants weekends… however note that this is not including the hot showers, down-comforter and 3-ply toilette paper that I have become increasingly accustomed to here in Canada. Although the details of most of my trip are still in the dark (sorry mom and dad!), what I do know only pushes me further into the realization that regardless of what happens, in the end, I lead an incredibly plentiful lifestyle filled with all that I could ever need or want, and blessed with more love than anyone could ever know (thanks Matt ♥).


What I do know about here, allows me to truly look forward to what Ghana and the rest of West Africa has to offer. This blog will be a representation of my thoughts, feelings and experiences as I go through the motions… surviving the sun in Accra.





  Carly Schmidt wrote @

An excellent introduction to your adventure in Africa my wonderful friend! I look forward to your blogs. Bon Voyage! 🙂

  Erin Lambert wrote @

You’re a wonderful writer Kels. I look forward to keeping up with your adventure.

  Lindsey wrote @

This is great kels! I am looking forward to hearing more about your crazy adventure. Good luck!

  mom wrote @

you are indeed a gifted person…….we luv u lots and look forward to hearing your adventures too………..

  Aunt Patti and Uncle Brian wrote @

Hey Kelsey, sorry we missed wishing u a good trip. We read the e-mail from Grandma Case a day late and thought that you didn’t leave until Monday at noon. Thats awesome that u are keeping in touch with everyone this way!! We know this will be an experience of a lifetime and that u will really enjoy it. We look forward to reading all about your adventure!!

  Grandma wrote @

What an adventure, Kelsey. I hope your trip was great. I kept thinking: Kelsey will be in Frankfurt. Now she will be on her way to Accra…and now you are there!
We are here…in pouring rain. We could use some of your sun! Love, Grandma & Grandpa

  Sherwin wrote @

You’re going to have an awesome time. I look forward to reading about your adventures Kelsey!

  Brittany wrote @

I desperately await the first entry from Ghana.

  Aunt Sandi wrote @

Hi Kels!

Sounds like you are having a great time. I’m really enjoying your pictures. Cape Coast pictures are beautiful. Glad to see you don’t seem to be burning. Take care! Love ya!

  Marilyn wrote @

Hi Kelsey,
What a wonderful blog! Sounds like the life altering experience you were looking for is actually happening!

Look forward to hearing your stories in person!

Hope you still want to come back to TC in the fall!!

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